Centenario: The Lamborghini To End All Lamborghini’s

Lamborghini is no stranger to special edition cars commemorating a special event, or just creating wild concept cars. There was the Reventon, the mental concept Aventador-J, and most recently the car looking more like a UFO, the Veneno which commemorated Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary. With this year being late founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s would be 100th birthday, it is no surprise that there is another special edition model on the way. This model is the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4.

It was shown to the world at the Geneva Motor show and all 40 units, 20 coupes and 20 roadsters, were already spoken for at the time of the release for a cool 1.7 million euros (AUD$2.5 million) base. Like the Veneno, the Centenario is built on the base of the current V-12 car the Aventador. At first look it is clear that that this is a proper Lamborghini. Insane aero pieces and carbon fiber abound make sure that there won’t be another car on the road that looks alike.

Starting at the heart of the car, the Centenario has a step up in power from the Aventador V-12 with 770Hp and a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds. It has 20 inch tires at the front and wide 21’s in the rear which can be seen easily from the rear with the massive diffuser. The Centanario also exemplifies Lamborghini’s new rear wheel drive system, and like other cars it has several different driving modes.

The front has been completely redesigned with massive vents on the hood and various are pieces on the splitter. The headlights have also been revised and have much more aggressive look to them. The sides of the car have a massive intake to aid with engine cooling, and as with every V-12 Lamborghini it has the scissor doors. The back is the by far the wildest part of the car. In the centre rests the three exhaust pipes and those are surrounded by massive rakes of the diffuser. The insane y looking taillights are an incredible addition also and there is a dynamic wing that raises and lowers according to amount of downforce needed.

The interior is similar to the Aventador with some key differences. First, there is carbon everywhere even more than the SV. Second, along with the carbon alcantara adorns almost every available area. There is also a large screen that enables Apple car play and wifi/4g connectivity. There is also new stitching done in the car as well as carbon bucket seats.

After having seen this car in Geneva it is no doubt a show stopper, but it begs the question; is a Lamborghini really worth this cost? The Veneno was around $4.5 million USD and they only produced 3 coupes and 9 roadsters which leaves lots of room for appreciation, hence one on the market for now $11 million. However looking back at the Reventon, which had a large cost and have appreciated but not by much, it might be deja vu. Especially when the succeeding V-12 Aventador, looking much like the Reventon but for more than half the cost, it begs the question if Lamborghini will repeat this design trend. Nevertheless, this is a very special car and the 40 owners are very very lucky and it will be incredible to see one on the road.