Chinese Billionaire Drops $2.45 Million On NSW License Plate No. 4

You might complain you once went to Kmart and dropped a stupid amount of money on shit you didn’t need. What you definitely didn’t do was spend $2.45 million dollars on two pieces of flimsy metal.

Sold under auction last week for the staggering figure, the New South Wales registered No. 4 license plates set a new Australian record for the most money ever spent on rare plates.

The man of the hour was Chinese wine-collector and sex toy tycoon Peter Tseng, who arrived at the Shannons Sydney Winter Classic Auction in his Ferrari bearing the No. 2 plates. Perhaps there is precedent to his madness, with the billionaire also owning the Hong Kong-registered No. 1 plates, as well as the personalised “ONE” on his 1969 Sydney-based Mercedes classic.

The 1910 registered No. 4 plate was believed to be passed on from entrepreneur Steve Shelley and was submitted to the auction for a value of $1.2 – $1.4 million. Once the bidding surpassed $1.35 million it is believed that Mr. Tseng didn’t put his hand down for the next 22 bids, finally calling out the anonymous rival bidder.

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