Feast Your Eyes On This Stunning $1.3 Million David Brown Speedback Silverstone Edition

I use hyperbole a fair bit when writing articles, but I’m being completely honest here – this might just be the most gloriously beautiful machine I’ve ever seen.

David Brown’s rare vehicles are basically flipped Jaguar XKR’s, and not ones you’d categorise as ‘supercars,’ despite their ludicrous price tags.

David Brown Automotive has commissioned just ten of these timeless wheels boasting a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 clocking in at a massive 601 brake horsepower. While its 0-100 squirt won’t rival a 488 – or even a BMW M3 – it’s likely customers aren’t buying it for such a mission, and similarly wouldn’t think of the old school six-speed automatic gearbox as a burden.

So where does Silverstone come into it? The British automakers felt that a homage to the nation’s legendary circuit was in order, as explained by the company’s CEO.

“Ever since David Brown Automotive relocated to Silverstone, we have wanted to mark the significance of the circuit’s aeronautical and motorsport heritage. We have developed Speedback Silverstone Edition to appeal to a new customer; the driver who wants the very best in performance at all times.”

Again, while you’re not actually buying a supercar you may as well be – with a local British price tag of £744,000, the same coin as McLaren’s new Senna. That’s a whopping $1.3 million Aussie bucks – not before you account for local taxes and all the other fun stuff this country likes to tack onto luxury car sales.  

Browse the mouth-watering gallery below.