Mini Just Regained Our Attention With The John Cooper Works GP

Mini Just Regained Our Attention With The John Cooper Works GP

Wow, okay. So Mini have gone and done this.

Here we have their latest GP model concept, well ahead of their usual time frame for GP releases – and it is a carbon fibre excessive, aerodynamic AF, decked-out track car.

Mini have said goodbye to their well-known boxy character and made the JCW as slick as they could possibly get it. With voluptuous wheel arches, a looped rear wing and the thinnest side mirrors you’ve ever seen, the JCW GP goes well against the grain for the British brand.

With such aerodynamics in mind, speed seems like the next logical talking point. Given it’s a concept car, we’re yet to find out what saucy digits will back up the engine. What we can infer is that something seriously feisty must be going on under the hood for the JCW GP to have such a beefy grill – excessive cooling necessary for an excessive engine. With the standard JCW clocking in at 218 bph, it’s not implausible we might be seeing figures up around the 250 mark for the GP.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Mini Cooper without their signature nod to the Union Jack, this time in the taillights. The gutted interior has an aluminium roll cage in place of the rear seats and 3D knitting for the seats that do exist.

We’re still not sure how to comprehend what’s going on here with the GP – but we like it.