MSCHF’s Key4All Scavenger Hunt Lets You Play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ IRL
— 28 September 2022

MSCHF’s Key4All Scavenger Hunt Lets You Play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ IRL

— 28 September 2022
Randy Lai
Randy Lai

In a move that’s bound to have unscrupulous types all over the Five Boroughs salivating, New York art collective – MSCHF – has just launched a dedicated site for its new Key4All drop.

A vehicular scavenger hunt open to the first 1,000 individuals willing to part ways with US$19 (AU$29), MSCHF’s latest bit of publicly outsourced performance art is a middle finger to the so-called sharing economy.

On the Key4All website, where New York residents press the proverbial start button on their real-life Grand Theft Auto fantasy (by buying one of 1,000 proximity-triggered keyfobs), MSCHF presents its manifesto for this latest activation.

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Suffice to say, GoGet this ain’t:

“Rather than a study in shared resource management, Key4All has been engineered to be Grand Theft Auto: Tragedy Of The Commons. [It] exists somewhere between the delight of communal ownership and the teeth-grinding capitalist competition of Hands on a Hard Body.”

So how does it work exactly?

Upon purchasing one of the aforementioned keys, participants can begin exploring the city in search of MSCHF’s mystery vehicle. To narrow potential locations down, a hotline (+1 337-539-4255) is provided, which anybody can call up in order to receive hints about where they should commence their hunt.

Now here’s the kicker: even if somebody should manage to track the “shared car” down – lovingly described by MSCHF as “the uncleaned roadside motel” of automotives – there’s every chance that it could be snatched from them by another driver.


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Seemingly a pithy social commentary on America’s naivety about universal basic anything, there are a lot of troubling ambiguities surrounding the Key4All event. Just off the top of our heads, you might be wondering what happens if the vehicle is driven beyond the legal boundary within which the activation is taking place. What then?

Similarly, it’s not clear whether those who commandeer the car are legally entitled to sell, break down, or otherwise dispose of it in the manner that they please. MSCHF’s online disclaimers stop short of encouraging keyholders to dip into a bit of the ol’ ultraviolence, but it’s not hard to imagine that things might take a dark turn. Particularly if the prize in question bears even a passing resemblance to this Lamborghini Gallardo.

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