Pagani Automobili: Art On Wheels
— Updated on 9 February 2022

Pagani Automobili: Art On Wheels

— Updated on 9 February 2022
Matt Kotush
Matt Kotush

To the average person, the word Pagani probably has no significance. To petrol-heads however, hearing Pagani mentioned puts a smile on your face. For those that don’t know, Pagani is an automotive company founded by Horacio Pagani in 1992. In the early 80’s, Horacio Pagani moved to Italy to work as an engineer with Lamborghini. Mr.Pagani had a role in building the Countach Evoluzione, one of the first attempts at using composite materials such as carbon fiber for the body and panels. Although the concept had promise, Lamborghini would not invest in the technology needed to make it a mainstay. In hearing this, Mr. Pagani left and founded his own company called Modena Design which then morphed into Pagani Automobili by 1992.

Mr. Pagani is known as the Da Vinci of the automotive world for one main reason. His ability to mix art with science is unparalleled; and this was something Da Vinci stressed also. Not one to rush the artistic process, Pagani’s first car took 7 years to develop. After this time a car with looks deserving of a bedroom wall poster emerged. The Pagani Zonda.

Sourcing a AMG V12 engine ( a partnership that stands to this day), and having the looks of a true supercar, the Zonda was an instant hit. In 2003, a Zonda roadster was conceived which unusually for a droptop had not drop in performance despite the extra weight. One of the most astonishing things about the Zonda is that over 15 years later they are still being produced and do not look outdated. Another, is just how many different versions and special editions have surfaced over the years. Here are some of our favourites.

Zonda Uno

A creation for the Prime Minister of Qatar, the Uno is a stunning example of how bespoke a Pagani can become. Featuring a stunning shade of turquoise, and the Italian tricolore throughout, this car is a definite show stopper.

Zonda R

A Zonda specifically for the track, this car is a raging machine. The Zonda R holds a record breaking lap time of the Nurburgring going around in an incredible 6:47.48. It features a bevy of aerodynamic pieces including a massive rear wing, and slick tires which glues the car to the road. In 2013, Pagani unveiled the Revolucion which was an updated version of the R. Having seen one of these in person, the R is even more incredible than can be imagined.

Zonda Cinque

Named because they only made 5 coupes and 5 roadsters, the Cinque is essentially a road legal Zonda R. The car utilised a new material known as carbo-titanium, a mix of carbon fiber and titanium, and was featured in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Costing a cool $2.2 million this is a luxury very few can afford, which makes these one of the unicorns of the car world.

With almost 20 different versions of the Zonda being created since its inception, they are certainly one of a kind and set the stage for Mr. Pagani’s most recent creation. Keeping his goal of mixing art and science, Mr. Pagani began creating his new car. Taking almost as much time as the Zonda took to be designed, the Pagani Huayra was introduced in 2011.

The Huayra

Looks wise, the Huayra is one of the most stunning automobiles ever created. The lines flow with elegance, yet keep an aggressive feel. The Huayra employs active aerodynamics which helped it achieve the best lap time on the Top Gear test track. The Huayra is also the first car from a manufacturer that makes less than 100 cars a year to be street legal worldwide. Mr. Pagani wanted the look and feel of the Huayra to be like the moment just as a plane leaves the ground on takeoff which it seems he has achieved. Recently, it was announced that all the 100 unit run of the Huayra had sold out. For those that might have an extra $1,600,000 lying around never fear. Pagani is creating a hardcore version, and a roadster version, of the Huayra in the near future. There have not been too many special versions of the Huayra to date, but the ones that have been commissioned have been spectacular.

Huayra La Monza Lisa

The first one of one Huayra to be comissioned, La Monza Lisa definitely stands out from the crowd. The car is owned by Kris Singh, and he definitely went into detail configuring the car. There is a custom exhaust, custom monocoque, custom red interior color, custom engine, among others. The best part is that this car is not a garage queen. Kris frequently takes her out so if you are ever in the Miami area keep your eyes open.

Huayra 730S Edition

Owned by Alejandro Salomon, the 730S take large inspiration from the Zonda Tricolore. The blue carbon is stunning and the Italian colors are tastefully spread throughout. Alejandro drives the car a lot so if you find yourself around L.A you might have a sighting.

Mr. Pagani has created a very special company. Pagani is not owned by a big conglomerate such a Ferrari (Fiat), or Bugatti (Volkswagen), so they still have their innocence in a way. They create cars that balance outstanding performance with beautiful design. The company has nowhere to go than up, and it will be lovely to see more of his amazing designs around the world.

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