Porsche Unveils The Colossal 911 GT3 R
— Updated on 30 January 2023

Porsche Unveils The Colossal 911 GT3 R

— Updated on 30 January 2023

For many of us, the sight of waking up to a 911 sitting in our driveway is the stuff of dreams. A beautifully designed, meticulously engineered, driver-focused package that has arguably become the most recognisable silhouette in the history of sports cars. There is, however, a small subset of individuals whose days are spent in fire-retardant clothing that requires a far more ludicrous iteration of that gorgeous profile – a track-only, performance-focused monster, more commonly known as the Porsche 911 GT3 R.

The GT3 R is the first customer racing car based on Porsche’s exceptional 992 platform, which will be officially unveiled at the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps and ready to race at the start of the 2023 GT3 season. Development of the car began in 2019 with a focus on driveability for gentleman drivers and reducing the running costs for teams, though make no mistakes about it; this is a professional piece of kit.

911 GT3 R Project Manager, Sebastian Golz was adamant about blending performance with usability: “For us, it was primarily about our customers being able to drive the racing car fast for longer. This requires durability and that’s why we focused predominantly on improved driveability. This is reflected in the new 4.2-litre engine’s broader usable rev band, more stable and constant aerodynamics and lower loads on the rear tyres, which allow their potential to last longer.”

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The most apparent internal improvement to 911 GT3 R is the increase in capacity from 3,997 to 4,194 cc, resulting in a power output of around 416 kW (565 PS). The flat-six is still normally-aspirated and will sound symphonic all the way up to its ludicrous rev limiter, while a sequential six-speed contest-mesh gearbox (pulled from the 911 GT3 Cup) should produce shifts as fast as they are reliable.

In terms of exterior, the aerodynamic upgrades are noticeable. An elevated underbody combines a smooth undertray and a rear diffuser, increasing downforce without much drag increase. The polarising “swan-neck” mount has also found its way onto the GT3 R, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the clean air under the wing improves the aerodynamic efficiency and, therefore, shaves a bit of time off those precious laps.

Porsche Motorsport now offers the new 911 GT3 R for €511,000 ($750,000) plus country-specific charges and optional extras.

2023 Porsche 911 GT3 R (992) Technical Data


  • Base weight: ca. 1,250 kg (depending of BoP classification); wheelbase: 2,507 mm
  • Length: 4,619 mm; width: 2,039 mm (front axle) / 2,050 mm (rear axle)


  • Water-cooled six-cylinder boxer, rear-mounted; capacity 4,194 cc, stroke 81.5 mm, bore 104.5 mm; max rpm 9,250/min; power: ca. 416 kW (565 PS); four-valve technology; single throttle butterfly system; direct fuel injection; engine control unit Bosch MS 6.6; dry sump lubrication with oil-water heat exchanger; single mass flywheel; race exhaust system with twin tailpipes and DMSB certified catalytic converter; fuel quality: Superplus unleaded to E20 (min. 98 octane)


  • Porsche six-speed sequential constant-mesh gearbox; shift paddles on the steering wheel with electronic shift actuator; mechanical limited slip differential with adjustable preload system unit; three-plate carbon race clutch


  • Forged aluminium control arms and top mounts, stiffness optimised; high-duty spherical bearings with dust protection; wheel hubs with central locking; five-way adjustable racing shock absorbers, motorsport-specific valve design and blow-off function; suspension adjustment via shims; sword-type anti-roll bars adjustable on both sides; spring travel potentiometer; tyre pressure monitoring system

Front axle

  • Double wishbone front axle, adjustable ride height, camber and toe
  • Electro-hydraulic power steering
  • Single-piece alloy rims, 12.5J x 18, tyre size 30/68-18

Rear axle

  • Multilink rear suspension, adjustable ride height, camber and toe
  • Racing driveshaft with tripod flanges
  • Single-piece alloy rims, 13.5J x 18, tyre size 31/71-18

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