Porsche Launch ‘Netflix-esque’ Leasing Program

For a large majority, the dream has always been to have a fleet of high-end cars. For some, driving something slick and powerful is how they measure their success. It’s a Hell of a metric, but unless you hustle like a Musk, Bezos, or Gates, it’s simply too much to ask for (hence why they call it “the dream”). But as lofty as those aspirations may seem, a service just made the fantasy a whole lot more achievable.

Presenting, the Porsche Passport. A monthly subscription based service that gives you access to a wide variety of Porsche cars (in exchange for a hefty fee, of course). Think of it as a Netflix for expensive automobiles. And the possibilities are endless. With the Porsche Passport, you could go cross-country with the family in a Cayenne by day, and hop into a 911 for a black-tie dinner by night. That’s true versatility.

Packages require a one-time activation fee of $500 USD which covers taxes, maintenance, hand-detailing, and insurance. This also comes with a personal concierge who will deliver your ride to you with a full tank of petrol, whenever you need it. From there, the packages vary in premiums. $2,000 USD a month gets you the keys to the Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman, and Macan. $3,000 USD a month, on the other hand, grants you the additional 911 and Panamera.

While this is not available outside the pilot program in Atlanta as of yet, the Porsche Passport aims to expand to several cities around the world over the course of the coming year. In the meantime, better save up.