A Groundbreaking Take On Pick-Up Trucks With The Renault Subtil

A Groundbreaking Take On Pick-Up Trucks With The Renault Subtil

Pick-up trucks have traditionally been a vehicle for work and leisure, never luxe. Until now.

A Polish architecture student by the name of Wojciech Jurkowski has offered a cutting edge interpretation of the car with the “Renault Subtil”. While it is still just a concept, it’s one that we can all appreciate.

This design challenges everything we know (or think we know) about what a pick-up truck should be. Incorporating the need for bigger luxury vehicles, as well as utility, it is defined by a smooth and streamlined body. The wheels are prominently separate in aesthetic.

How it saves on the economy of space is by the placement of the motor. Or rather, motors. You heard right. Plural. There are four independent electric motors found inside each wheel, thus providing more space for passengers and trunk storage.

Versatility is also a notable aspect of this design. As the vehicle can adjust its configuration to become a sports cruiser. The open roof may accommodate for up to “… three bicycles or two jet skis…”, or simply a “… roomy car for a regular family…”.

One cannot help but marvel at the point human ingenuity has reached. Concepts are becoming more and more exciting, and it feels like brighter days ahead.

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