Rezvani Motors Commission This 500hp V8 Tank

Rezvani Motors Commission This 500hp V8 Tank

California-based high-performance automaker Rezvani Motors have thrown a spanner into their usual supercar works with a vehicle they have actually named the ‘TANK’.

This 6.4-litre, 500-horsepower V8 weapon is a significantly more beefed-up version of the comparatively slick Brabus 900 G65 shown to you last month. It can be safely confirmed this vehicle will conclusively destroy any type of terrain that gets in its way.

The high-profile monster boasts Entourage-style inward opening doors that reveal a large and luxurious cabin. Thermal night vision, of all gadgets, can display heat signatures as well as night vision.

The two off-road packages provide boosted ground clearance, premium suspension and ballistic armour protection to literally back up the claim this thing is a weapon without the weapons.

Pricing starts at $178,000 USD ($226,000 AUD).