Skepta Flips A Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII Into A Recording Studio

Known for their supreme silence to any individual who has ever had the luxury of sitting in a Rolls-Royce, its not quite as odd as it may initially seem for one to eventually be flipped into a recording studio.

What is odd is the artist of choice in this case, as the world’s most luxurious car manufacturer has teamed up with British Grime rapper Skepta for this clip showcasing the new Phantom VIII.

Skepta puts the impressive noise cancelling interior to the ultimate test, recording a track titled “Skepta RR” while seated in the cabin and being driven around the Swiss Alps. The eighth-generation Phantoms boast 130kg of sound insulation and two-layers of 6mm glazing.

The British rapper was quoted saying that he “stepped in the car and there was no need to think,” adding, “It was like sitting in first class on a plane minus the noise. Comfortable and silent, a perfect space to make music.”

Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös said, “I want to welcome Skepta to the World of Rolls-Royce. He has shown a unique and exciting appreciation of the marque and interpreted Phantom’s credentials as the world’s quietest and most luxurious motor car with an exceptionally creative track and film.”

The project didn’t go off entirely without a hitch, as Rolls-Royce were forced to take down the clip after it was pointed out that the musicians weren’t wearing seat belts.

But, thankfully the internet did its thing and it was re-uploaded for you to enjoy just minutes later. Check the video above.