Find Out What It’s Like To Drive The World’s Oldest Bugatti

Jay Leno, whatever you may think of him, definitely dominated the late night TV scene for a couple of decades. He’s now moved onto other things and hosting duties, with one of them being on a new show focused on epic cars. Jay Leno’s Garagetakes a peek inside some awesome autos from across the ages and a recent episode was particularly awesome. It was a chance to explore the world’s oldest Bugatti, the Type 22, with owner and pre-World War I vehicle enthusiast Alan Travis.

The 1913 vehicle is an earlier version of the model that was popularised in the 1920s, a pre-production version that represented one of the few manufactured in Germany. Travis picked up the model when it was less than satisfactory, investing about 1,800 hours and a bunch of money into full restoring it.

Check out the old school driving experience above and more motors here.