BMW Announces Slick Electric Scooter To Release This Year

BMW Announces Slick Electric Scooter To Release This Year

If splashing out $70,000 on BMW’s impressive 3 Series doesn’t quite fit into your current budget, the German automaker company have come up with a much cheaper two-wheel solution for you to get about on. 

Teaming up with Micro (inventor of the Micro Scooter), the two heavyweights are releasing three scooters purpose made for whipping around the busy streets of Europe. Because, yeah, electric scooters still aren’t legal in most of Australia (typical).

The piece of engineering is the elegantly designed BMW E-Scooter, a nine-kilogram electric scooter with a top speed of 20 km/h. While not cheap at roughly AU$1,290, the black matte scooter does come with two separate braking systems, front and rear lights, and is powered by a lithium-ion battery that takes only two hours to charge. 

Along with the E-Scooter there are two motorless versions available for those who only want to fork out a few hundred bucks. The City Scooter retails for over AU$300 and can be folded for easy storage, while the Kids Scooter is aimed at those from the age of three to 12 and comes with training wheels, costing around the AU$200 mark.

All three scooters will be available from selected European BMW dealerships from this September. An Australian release date and exact pricing has yet to be announced. 

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