Have Lexus Genuinely Built The Very First Operational Hoverboard?

Have Lexus Genuinely Built The Very First Operational Hoverboard?

Lexus have just recently released this teaser video that has gotten the entire world ready for either genuine excitement or genuine disappointment, again. Ever since we saw Marty McFly on the big screen whip around the streets of Hill Valley on his hoverboard we have dreamt that the fabricated would become a reality.

The video shows a man riding on his skateboard, only to stop, get off, and start walking towards something else. What follows is a quote from Haruhiko Tanahashi (Lexus’ Chief Engineer) that says, “There is no such thing as impossible, it’s just a matter of figuring out how,” as the man places his foot on what can be assumed is a ‘hoverboard’ containing the Lexus logo on it.

And it’s not like we haven’t been here before. Remember in 2014 when so called company ‘HUVr’ claimed to have built the very first hoverboard, releasing a video featuring such high class celebrities as Tony Hawk, Christopher Lloyd (better known as ‘Doctor Emmet Brown’ or ‘Doc’) and Moby, just to drag us into believing that it could actually be real. However, evidently our dreams were torn apart no less than a couple of days later when we found out it was all a hoax.

(This might jog your memory)

Surely you’d think that we as a society couldn’t fall for it a second time in just over a year, so obviously we’re going to be very sceptical about the whole thing, but, if through some miracle it is genuine, and Lexus have actually built the very first operational hoverboard, I can tell you that my bank account will be far into the red…