Hands-On With The Danish MATE X Electric Bike

Hands-On With The Danish MATE X Electric Bike

Formed in Copenhagen four years ago by siblings Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrom, start-up MATE.Bike forges its own premium path in the world of electric bikes. Smartly implemented high-performance technology, backed by head-turning Scandinavian design, builds the brand’s hero product, the MATE X, and makes good on a successful crowd-funding campaign that managed 31,000 backers totalling US$24 million.

The top-tier MATE X 750 gets its name from the 750-watt motor, easily rated for the more bumpy terrain frequented by adventurous riders, while the less expensive MATE X 250 makes do with a 250-watt motor, better suited for city commutes. Everything packed into either model screams high-end, subverting the idea of a conventional e-bike with more than a few flourishes of luxury.

The specs are jacked enough to earn the MATE X an ambitious moniker as the “Tesla of e-bikes”, referencing everything from the Tektro brake system and 8-speed optimised drivetrain with Shimano gearing and derailleur, to the hyper-fast acceleration – thanks to a hi-torque 48V battery – and thumb throttle which can be purchased separately and easily installed.

Mate X

Brushing the surface are 20-inch wheels with ultra-wide rims, framing all-terrain fat tires for improved control and handling. That should keep the bike running nicely along with its promised minimum range of 55km on a single charge. 

A backlit LCD screen on the handlebars features a comprehensive bike management system, where all key data – speed, distance, battery life – is clearly displayed for quick reference. The display can also be used to toggle between 6 power levels, as well as switch into “Ludacris Mode”, a power stance that unlocks the speed limit and can reach up to 42km/h.

Mate X

Despite it’s heavy form, the MATE X has been designed to be as flexible and adjustable as possible in order to cater to riders no matter the height. An easy three-step folding design can reduce the bike’s surface area by half in just one click, implemented to save space and easier transportation in car boots and trains. Unfortunately, however, this compact version of the bike doesn’t lock into place, making it a little more awkward than intended.

The Mate X is available in Australia for a retail price starting at AU$2,699 in four colours – burnt orange, subdued black, white ice, and shocking pink.

For more information and to pre-order, head to the official website. Then catch our BH Daily overview of the bike in action below.

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