— 21 August 2022

Triumph Officially Completes TE-1 Electric Motorcycle Prototype

— 21 August 2022

You know when Triumph Motorcycles, Williams Advanced Engineering, and Integral Powertrain get together, the baby is going to be very special.

With funding from Innovate UK, Triumph has finally finished its electric sportbike prototype – the TE-1 – which looks very impressive, indeed.

Having recently finished an extensive testing programme – which included numerous road and track calibrations – by all accounts, the results are extremely promising.

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Triumph TE-1

Here are some key data from the tests so far:

  • 161-kilometre / 100-mile range
    Significantly exceeding the real-world range of the equivalent electric motorcycles available today, with a category-leading 161-kilometre / 100-mile range, based on live testing and official projections.
  • 130kW (177PS / 175bhp) peak power
    The TE-1 prototype delivers an incredible standard of acceleration, achieving 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds, and an outstanding 0-100mph in 6.2 seconds.
  • 20-minute charge time (0-80%)
    A game-changing outcome, faster than today’s equivalent electric motorcycles.
  • 220kg, with an incredible power-to-weight ratio
    Up to 25% lighter than comparable electric motorcycles currently available.

The Triumph TE-1 looks to take a lot from the Speed Triple including geometry, aesthetics, and weight distribution, while Triumph likened the throttle and torque delivery to that of the Speed Triple 1200 RS.

Triumph Motorcycles Chief Product Officer Steve Sargent said: “Of course, the final production motorcycle will not be exactly what you see here today but, rest assured, the models we do develop will encompass all of its learnings and its exciting dynamic spirit.”

We still don’t know an exact price or release date for Triumph’s first electric production motorcycle just yet, but hopefully, we’ll see something by mid-2023 with a sub $40,000 price tag.

Triumph TE-1

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