There’s A Ferrari F430 Replica On Carsales Right Now For $19,000

What if I told you that maybe – just maybe – it was possible to own a 2001 Ferrari F430 for just $21,990 $19,000?

“No expense spared…” 

“Beautiful styling and design…” 

“Don’t let it go at this price!”

Sounds tempting, no? Well if by “no expense spared” old mate means every expense spared, then the common denominator becomes this laughable replica of a Ferrari F430 currently listed on Carsales for $19,000.

Not only is it a completely bullshit F430 – despite the misleading promo image on the listing implying otherwise – it’s got to be one of the worst Ferrari replicas we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Actually, no – one of the worst sports car replicas FULL STOP that we’ve ever laid eyes on. And we’ve seen a few shockers in our time.

Absolutely zero preparation or thought has been put into this abhorrent body kit that looks as if it was thrown together quicker than a Father’s day present for my stepdad.

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Despite being advertised with a 4.3-litre Ferrari eight banger, this kit car actually sports a 1.8-litre four-cylinder from its 2002 Toyota MR2 host. I know – shock horror.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll be hard-pressed to find its roadworthy certificate, which, much like its wheels (that are hidden under the massive body kit), are non-existent. And to answer the question “Previously Written Off?”. Surprise, surprise… the answer is yes.

What we can tell you is that you couldn’t pay us $19,000 to take this car off your hands if you tried.

Lay your own eyes on the beast below and check out the full listing for yourself over at

Ferrari F430 Replica
Ferrari F430 Replica
Ferrari F430 Replica