This Ferrari Promo Might Be The Greatest F1 Advert Of All Time

ferrari shell ad cover long

There have been some bloody fantastic advertisements in recent memory, but let’s be real here. Car ads are generally about as bland and as cookie-cutter as they come.

Which is why we’re throwing it back over a decade to the year 2007. This was (at the time), one of the most expensive advertisements ever made between Ferrari and Shell V Power.

The month-long production cut down to just a sub-two-minute long tribute video paying homage to Maranello’s finest racing cars throughout history.

The result was a glorious symphony of raw sound which followed five different cars from Ferrari’s Formula 1 history as they tore through some of the world’s most iconic cityscapes.

Interestingly, you might notice that Sydney’s Sea Cliff Bridge (which opened two years prior to filming) copped a fair bit of airtime in the advert. Little would Ferrari know that the same bridge would subsequently feature in almost every other Australian car ad from that point forward.

While all the racing cars were driven on location by Ferrari test drivers, Wheels Magazine reported that for the Australian leg of the ad, an anonymous local Ferrari enthusiast managed to wrangle his way behind the wheel. 

Now that’s a nice and subtle little claim to fame.

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