Bloke Takes Christmas Tree Home Using McLaren F1 GTR Once Raced By Ralf Schumacher

What better way to get your Christmas tree home than on the roof of a race car?

Car nut – Andy Bruce – owns a McLaren F1, but not just any road-legal version you may see from time to time. He owns a McLaren F1 GTR race car, fully converted for road use from its former life as Team Lark McLaren GTR #13R.

Back in 1996, former F1 drivers Ralf Schumacher and Naoki Hattori drove the Team Lark GTR to second place in the Japanese GT Championship under two builds, chassis #13R and #14R, with this particular chassis being the former as mentioned.

Bruce is also no stranger to exotic cars. Alongside the GTR in his stable is a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a Ferrari 458 Speciale, a Ferrari TDF, and a road-converted McLaren P1 GTR (wearing the same Lark livery as the GTR). Oh… and he ordered an Aston Martin Valkyrie shortly after. Quite the collection.

Using any excuse to take his converted GTR for a spin while also splicing in a genuine piss-take of the holiday season, Bruce proved the everyday usability of the triple-seater weapon. What’s equally as impressive is seeing his F1 live a non-reclusive life (as many former race cars often do), which is as glorious as it is rare.