The $1.6 Million Bulletproof Stretch Limo Mercedes-AMG G-Wagen

The $1.6 Million Bulletproof Stretch Limo Mercedes-AMG G-Wagen

We’ve seen a fair few variations of the term ‘beast’ during our time here at Boss Hunting; Chelsea Truck Co.’s ‘Big Foot’ Defender is the first to come to mind in this regard. Bold, bad and brutal.

Each incarnation seems to go bigger and beefier rather than longer and more luxurious, so when I laid eyes on this bad boy G63, I realised I’d found possibly the slickest monster you’ll ever see. You’ve gotta be pissing off some seriously heavy hitters to justify the purchase of one of these weapons.

The Inkas Armoured Mercedes-AMG G63 is based on the German automaker’s 2018 Wagen and is everything you’d expect from the luxuriousness of a G badge married with the hardware of a battle tank. Built to a CEN 1063 BR7 bulletproof standard, the elongated G63 can take a beating from 7.62 mm NATO rounds as well as two DM51 hand grenades simultaneously without breaking a sweat.

The madness doesn’t stop there, however, with the G boasting everything from external security cameras to a flame-retardant coating on the exterior, not to mention heavy-duty run-flat systems for all tires, including the spare. There’s even extra protection for the battery and ECU to minimise the effects of an electromagnetic pulse.

Having been converted from 188 inches to 243 inches in length and stacking on some serious armour in between means that any car to undergo such a transformation, should, in theory, suffer from a substantial loss of agility and speed. The autotuners have assured that despite the added weight and length, however, the stock 563 horsepower produced by the 5.5-liter V8 will remain unchanged.

Given that no natural light can get into the car, Inkas has installed a customisable daylight headliner for passengers “specifically calibrated to mimic real sunlight as closely as possible to reduce fatigue and increase overall well-being.” 

Guests will be separated from the front cabin by a divider installed with a 4K television screen and a motorised bar in front of dual captain’s chairs boasting “ultra-premium Alcantara suede and trimmed in top-grain exotic leather.”

“By all measures, we have successfully maintained a weight distribution almost identical to that of an un-stretched G-Wagon,” quoted Philip Daskal, Inkas’s VP of sales. “When coupled with our suspension and brake system upgrades, the vehicle handles, corners and brakes very similarly to a soft-skin G63.”

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