Kimi Raikonnen Once Retired From The Monaco GP And Walked Straight To His Yacht

Kimi Raikonnen, the Iceman, has long been known to be the most enigmatic character on the F1 circuit.

From telling his race engineer mid-race “leave me alone, I know what I’m doing” to explaining why he missed a speech by Pele with “I was having a shit“, it’s pretty easy to see that the Flying Finn does and says just about whatever he wants. So when we found this footage of Raikonnen at the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix, we weren’t surprised.

During the race, Kimi’s McLaren gave up midway through and he was forced to retire the car in a smoking mess. Now most drivers would’ve begrudgingly trudged back to the pits to watch the rest of the race with their team, but not Kimi. Instead he walked straight to the Monaco marina, jumped on his yacht, took his top off, and enjoyed a few drinks with his pals for the remainder of the afternoon.

What a legend.