Watch Canadian Mad Man Tear Up Snow In His Lamborghini Huracán

Picture it: you’ve worked hard for decades, dreaming of that perfect car that could one day be yours. The problem is that you live in a part of the world that is especially frosty for half of the year (in this case, Canada’s Edmonton, Alberta) and is not conventionally ideal for your dream car. What do you do? Do you move towns? Maybe skip out on the car? Or maybe you hide it away for six months of the year?

Well, if you’re Oren Zamir, you just say ‘fuck it,’ and you make the most of what you’ve got. Zamir’s weapon of choice is the Lamborghini Hurcacán LP 610 – a car usually reserved for speedy trips up and down a very un-snowy highway. But with the car’s all-wheel-drive nature and a set of snow tires, the Huracán actually grips the icy roads quite well. And in the snow, it’s an absolute blast. 

That’s fair enough, Oren. Especially when the standard release has a base asking price of roughly $327,000 AUD, you can do whatever you like with what’s yours. And now, according to Robb Report, the Israeli-born Zamir is keen to throw in an upgrade of 200 horsepower via a supercharger kit on behalf of Californian VF Engineering. The result will be a jaw-dropping 0-100km/h squirt of just 2.3 seconds.

Check out Zamir’s raw passion for his car below.

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