The Last Ever Dodge Demon Pops Up On Carsales For A Staggering Figure

What is said to be the last 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to leave the factory in Detroit has somehow popped up in Australia – and it’s on Carsales for $450,000.

With just 22 miles on the ticker and still in its original left-hand drive configuration, the Demon’s build plate number is 3300, confirming that it is, in fact, the last example of a run of just 3300 cars.

The vehicle has been imported by Brisbane-based outfitter and right-hand drive converter SCD American Vehicles.

“This is the last Demon ever made,” says SCD. “For one of the first times [sic] in history, we have build #3300 out of 3000 made for the US market, and 300 for the Canadian market. This thing is only going to do one thing…appreciate.

The weapon, which is the Hellcat’s big brother, is coated in a ‘White Knuckle’ hue and the Demon Crate is pictured with the car also. The passenger seat – which is usually deleted as standard – has been optioned back in.

In case the qualities of this purchase may be lost on you, the guys over at Carsales themselves put it into some layman’s numbers for you:

Say no more. Buy it here.

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Source & images: Carsales