Hot Or Not? This Is McLaren’s New ‘Speedtail’

Tomorrow is the global reveal of McLaren’s super secretive ‘Hyper-GT.’ Well, it was secretive until the product was leaked on Twitter earlier today by @AutoBant.

Ah well, they tried. And now you can see what McLaren’s latest weapon dubbed the ‘Speedtail’ will look like ahead of the launch. Capable of more than 986 horsepower, this car will be the fastest McLaren ever and the ‘spiritual successor’ to the coveted F1.

It’ll have a central driving position behind three screens, there’ll be two passenger seats either side and the driving modes/start buttons will be mounted to the roof of the cockpit.

McLarens are hit or miss in our opinion – the 600LT the best of the bunch yet, while the front end of the 720, we thought, just missed the mark. Whether this one takes your fancy or not is irrelevant as it’s already sold out. All 106 examples of it. All we have are these pictures for now, and we’ll keep you updated with the specs when they come in tomorrow.