Behold The Bugatti Bicycle: A Ridiculous $40k Fixie

No, it’s not a Bugatti Chiron, or a Veyron, or its latest super yacht. It doesn’t have an engine and only has two wheels. Like its Hypercar and amphibious brothers, it’s designed to go fast and looks damn sexy.

The German-made Bugatti bicycle is 95% carbon fibre and weighs less than five kilograms making it one of the lightest urban bikes in the world. The result; super lightweight, super rigid and super expensive.

And it’s not just the colour scheme that will match your Bugatti in the garage too. The aero-optimised cross sections, construction process and materials can otherwise be found in Bugatti’s road cars.

The price tag, a cool $39,000 USD making it the world’s most expensive fixed gear bicycle. Designed in collaboration with luxury bike company PG, this isn’t your typical hipster fixie. Thinking of getting one? Get in quick, there were only 667 made.