FIRST LOOK: This Cannot Possibly Be The New Land Rover Defender 2020

FIRST LOOK: This Cannot Possibly Be The New Land Rover Defender 2020

Spied lurking suspiciously near Land Rover’s HQ, this is, no word of a lie, the new Land Rover Defender scheduled to debut in 2020.

Unfortunately, we’re not kidding, and we’ve got absolutely no opinion on it at all. We can’t decide if we love it or hate it. After all, the Defender badge is almost part and parcel with Land Rover itself, a coveted piece of the automaker’s history. We’re still speechless in here in the office.

Originally developed in the 1980’s off the back of a successful Land Rover Series in the post-war era, the Defender badge rolled off the production line right up until January 2016. Owners will confirm it is one of the most ambivalent and turbulent love affairs they have ever had. They hate to love it, with its tiny cabin and numerous faults, yet they wouldn’t have any other Land Rover – or 4×4 for that matter – in their garage.

Bar a special edition Defender Works V8 in recent years, the iconic badge fell silent, albeit while their previous incarnations seemed to only appreciate in value.

Now, all we can tell you is basically nothing. Jaguar Land Rover isn’t revealing anything. At all. 

“Jaguar Land Rover runs a wide range of engineering and technology development programmes,” a spokesperson said. “We can confirm that the Defender programme is progressing well and has reached an exciting stage of its development.”

But we do have pictures. And a lame hashtag. #BEST4X4XFAR

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