Watch Nico Rosberg Absolute Tear Up Silverstone With A Porsche 918 Hot Lap

Former F1 World Champion turned YouTube sensation Nico Rosberg knows how to drive a car. By that, we mean his average top speeds around a track in the sport used to clip 360 km/h, so you can expect that anything road legal he should be able to handle with his eyes closed.

And you’d almost be correct. In this clip, Rosberg’s Porsche 918 Spyder begins the lap with a race start of 2.5 seconds, that’s 0.1 seconds faster than his previous Formula 1 car. The 1,280Nm of torque and hybrid power system proceeds to send Rosberg and his passenger, fellow racer Archie Hamilton, into hyperspace around Silverstone.

Watch this short vlog as Rosberg tears up the British GP circuit, wrestling and grappling with the 875 horsepower weapon through the corners in a manner we can’t say we’ve ever seen before.

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