Inside M/Y OCTOPUS With This Insane 4-Minute Video

When the absolutely monstrous explorer yacht OCTOPUS popped up for sale last year, we were as shocked at the price tag (a cool half a billion Aussie dollars), as well as the ultra-rare images from within.

It’s not very often exclusive yachts such as these ever offer glimpses into their very souls, but the brokers of late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s pride and joy were clearly trying to make some noise to encourage prospective buyers.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any crazier, this three and a half minute video by Fraser Yachts came up on our radar – and we can guarantee it’s the most Hollywood thing you’ll see all week.

With four jet skis, two RHIBs, a tender, the ‘Man of War II’ vessel, 10-person Pagoo submarine, and two six-seater helicopters, the toys themselves aboard the OCTOPUS yacht are enough to play substitute for the Thunderbirds – and that’s before you even step aboard.

OCTOPUS has an 850,0000-litre fuel tank that can see a range of 8,000 NM – that’s New York City to Whenuapai, New Zealand as the crow flies. It’s also rumoured to have former Navy SEALs as crewmembers, which isn’t surprising considering the hardware onboard.

There are literally too many mind-boggling facts to rattle off, so we’d recommend checking out the incredible OCTOPUS yacht below instead.

You better be sitting down for this one…