The Pope’s Lamborghini Huracán Can Now Be Yours, If That’s Your Thing

Since taking delivery of the vehicle as a gift from Lamborghini’s HQ late last year, our hopes of seeing Pope Francis ripping doughys around the Piazza di San Pietro have now quickly fallen short. 

After sitting in the Vatican’s garage for the last 6 months, this impeccably crisp raging bull is off to charity. If you’ve got some sins to make up for, this might be the most fun path to atonement we’ve ever heard of.

The RWD Coupé sports a Bianco Monocerus colourway which is contrasted by Giallo Tiberino stripe work in homage to the livery of the Vatican City flag. The vehicle was even signed and blessed in a special ceremony by the Papal figure himself. 

Whether a pope’s blessing will increase the odds of saving you from wrapping this thing around a pole, well, only the lucky buyer will get to find out.

The full amount will be donated to a selection of charities nominated by the Pope himself, the vast majority (over 70%) is to be dedicated to an Iraqi city recovering from a besiegement by ISIS.

The holy whip will be available at the RM/Sotherby’s auction in Monte Carlo during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. The listing, if you’re interested for whatever reason, is available here, and is expected to see a figure around the 250-350 thousand Euro mark.