REVIEW: Land Rover’s New Hybrid Shocks In All The Right Ways

What’s completely red but also green? The answer is this very quiet Range Rover Sport.

We know the future is silent and comes with a charging cable, but we also know we’re not quite there yet. While every car manufacturer is tipping pots of cash into the bottomless pit that is electric R & D, consumer purchases of EV and hybrids were actually on the decline for the first time ever earlier this year. There just hasn’t been enough of an incentive to pay the premium for green technology… until now.

The Range Rover Sport PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is a vehicle that asks the big questions. From its compelling powertrain underpinned by innovative technology, to its plush interior and bold looks, it has to come into consideration for even the most staunch petrol traditionalist.

We had the Rangie Sport for a week and were impressed with its overall package, the fact that it runs off the sniff of an oil rag, and the potential for big savings despite its $145k price tag. Hit the video below for our full thoughts. 

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