Trust The Russians To Put A Bentley Continental GT On Tank Tracks

Trust The Russians To Put A Bentley Continental GT On Tank Tracks

If you’ve ever wondered what a Bentley would look like with tank tracks for wheels, you’re in luck. The lads behind Russian YouTube channel AcademeG took this challenge on, creating what they call the “Ultratank.” 

Purchasing the cheapest Bentley Continental GT they could find, the AcademeG team installed a pair of tank treads to the bottom of the car, although it wasn’t easy as it sounds. It took them nine months of hard graft to complete the build, with the team having to replace the whole engine – whacking in a Toyota 4.3L V8 – along with the drivetrain and frame.

As you can see in the video above, AcademeG took the odd combo vehicle out for a test drive in the Russian countryside where they encountered a number of problems. First off, the Toyota engine doesn’t perform as well as they’d planned, often stalling due to the low revs. There’s also a lack of tension on the tracks, with the treads rolling off when taking hard corners. Oh yeah, and there’s no brakes either, which is fairly problematic. 

Despite the issues, the guys did manage to drive around in the creation well enough for it to be considered a success. You can check out more of their zany creations at AcademeG’s official Instagram.

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