This Sailing Yacht Concept Includes A Huge Movie Screen On The Sails
— Updated on 11 March 2020

This Sailing Yacht Concept Includes A Huge Movie Screen On The Sails

— Updated on 11 March 2020

Earlier this week we featured a piece about a superyacht with a cascading waterfall between two pools. Today we’ll raise you one better with the sailing yacht concept ‘Vela,’ a 262-foot behemoth that comes with the ability to project films onto the huge sails. 

The brainchild of Italian designer Gianmarco Cardia, the Vela includes a massive 20,182-square foot sail plan that’s complemented by a hybrid engine. The sails are mounted on two stately DynaRig masts centred in a way to distribute the weight of the sails evenly in the middle of the yacht so it doesn’t flip. A projector on the deck can be used to screen films on the sails, giving a cinema experience on the open seas. 

The Vela can house up to 10 guests in four cabins and one master bedroom and includes multiple bars, a gym and spa area, beauty salon, two pools and a wine cellar. The interior features earthy colours and is minimal in design to create a sense of space and freedom.

“When I designed the exterior, I [wanted] to make something simple,” Cardia told the Robb Report. “I imagined the body of Vela moulded by the wind—without sharp edges—and characterized by flowing lines.”

Cardia’s vision with the Vera is an all-encompassing boating experience where people can party the night away and spend the day sun baking and recovering with every amenity you could ever need within easy reach. And his favourite part about the yacht?

“I think that the terraces on the rear part of the upper deck are the best areas to spend time on board—you can enjoy a beautiful panorama while dining alfresco just near the upper-deck lounge.” Hard to disagree.

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