Toyota Is Developing A Road-Legal Version Of Its Le Mans Race Car

We are very excited about this – a Japanese hypercar to pit itself against the likes of the LaFerrari and the McLaren Senna. A younger brother of Toyota’s endurance racing LMP1 hypercar contender, the GR Super Sport was announced at the 86th Annual 24 Hours of Le Mans last week.

Boasting a whopping 1000 horsepower, the road-legal twist on the LMP1 will embrace the hybrid engine technology we’re now familiar with across the new era of hypercars. The 2.4-litre twin-turbocharged V6 will be combined with a powerful electric powertrain to deliver a staggering amount of torque to all four wheels.

Toyota Gazoo Racing lead Shigeki Tomoyama spoke of the development and was quoted by Hypebeast, affirming that the GR won’t sacrifice anything in the face of a new era.

“As the automotive industry is approaching an era of big changes, we will continue our passion for making cars that are truly exciting. No matter how electronics and digital technology will continue to transform vehicles, we will make sure that our cars will not become just another commodity.”

The GR Super Sport is expected to drop after Toyota’s reincarnation of the Supra, which was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year.