Bursting onto the scene in 2012 as a Facebook & Tumblr page, Boss Hunting quickly captured the attention of Australia’s youth, delivering engaging and aspirational imagery to their social media feeds on a daily basis.

Having grown one of the largest social media presences in Australia, we launched our website in April 2015 with the aim of delivering high quality, hyper-relevant content to Australian men aged 18-40. In 2019, we reached over 5,000,000 Australian males and delivered over 15,000,000 page views across the site. 

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The Team

Jack Slade - Founder & Managing Director

James Want - Co-Founder & Creative Lead

John McMahon - Content Lead

Antonio Castiglia - Partnerships Lead

Garry Lu - Content Creator

Tobias Handke - Content Creator

Thomas Mitchell - Content Creator

Boss Hunting is a Luxity Media publication, alongside The Versatile Gent, All The Young Dads, and The Good Flight.