— Updated on 30 October 2020

A Russell Crowe Backed Fitness App Has Officially Arrived

— Updated on 30 October 2020
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

In a quiet corner of Darlinghurst, there’s a gym run by some of the country’s most brilliant fitness minds. Here, the best of them come to train: from professional athletes to Hollywood actors such as Jai Courtney and Russell Crowe himself – the latter of whom initially owned its physical location and has been backing every step of the venture since. The gym is known simply as 98 GYM, and now, it has officially launched the 98 TRAINING app to help you sculpt the ultimate version of yourself.

Programmed by 98 GYM’s Kev Toonen – former Strength & Conditioning Coach for Australia’s Special Operations Command with 18 years of military experience – the 98 TRAINING app has been tested by Owen Franks of the All Blacks, Roy Asotasi of the Rabbitohs, Aussie cricketer David Warner, and plenty more.

“If you want to train like the best, we make you train like the best,” Toonen has previously told BH.

“Always go with intent. Know what you’re going to do. Know what outcomes you’re supposed to have in the end.”

“We were getting a lot of requests for remote programming… sending training programs out manually to people all over the world,” explains Chris Feather, founder and owner of 98 GYM.

“We knew we had a great product because we were getting great results from the 250 members in the gym who followed the 98 program – and we had professional athletes following it in their offseason and getting really strong results.”

“This is one of the best field and sport training programs out there,” confirms Owen Franks, who is currently playing for the Northampton Saints.

“It’s the perfect pre-season and in-season training program, guaranteed to improve your speed, power, strength, and conditioning.”

Designed around the fundamental pillars of Mental, Physical, and Social – which you can read a more about here – this platform is entirely accessible to people of all fitness levels who are seeking:

  • daily workouts
  • exercise tutorials
  • nutrition education
  • mindset insights
  • expert fitness-related content
  • engagement with an active & likeminded community
  • as well as meaningful & in-depth assistance with fitness in general

The 98 TRAINING app is now available to download on Apple and Android.

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