Archery’s Answer To Paintball Looks Epic

Archery’s Answer To Paintball Looks Epic

There’s not much us Aussies get to experience before the rest of the world; movies are usually out for a few weeks in the States before they’re released here, retailers like Zara and Uniqlo took an eternity to make their way down under, and we’ve been waiting on a competent Prime Minister for years.

Occasionally however, the innovative Australian spirit means we get first dibs on some pretty cool stuff.

This time it’s Archery Tag, and judging by the video, it looks bloody awesome.

Using padded arrows, players run around trying to hit each other, and if you get hit, you’re out – the team with the last man standing wins the round.

At the moment, the guys at Archery Attack are operating events around Victoria and SA, with WA launching soon, and the rest of the country (and invariably the world) soon to follow.

For more information visit Archery Attack.