The Australian Open Final We’ve All Been Dreaming Of!

The Australian Open Final We’ve All Been Dreaming Of!

Tennis fans will have their prayers answered this Sunday when two legends square off in the Final of the Australian open. Whether you’re a Federer or a Nadal fan, this is a match up everyone needed to see!

It’s been six long years since former number ones Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal last squared off in the final of a Grand Slam. Sunday’s Australian open final spells an end to the wait and is one of the most highly anticipated tennis matches – well ever!

The draw was blown wide open earlier in the week when top seeds Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray were stunned in early round defeats. Since then, the only talking point of the tournament is the possibility of a final match up of epic proportions. That is just what the Aussie Open has delivered.

Federer 35, has 17majors to Nadal’s 14 (9 French open titles). The two dominated men’s tennis through the mid – late 2,000’s. They held the top-two rankings from July 2005 to August 2009! That’s 211 consecutive weeks on top.

Federer is often regarded as the best to have ever played the game yet Nadal has a significant edge in in their overall competitive record at 23-11. On the hard-court though, it’s Federer with the edge and he will go into Sunday’s open final as the bookie’s favourite.

Although five years Nadal’s senior, Federer has impressed throughout the tournament on his return from injury. His knee injury requiring surgery and saw him out of the sport for the last 6months. At 30 years old, Nadal has seen his fair share of injuries that have plagued his career. Perhaps these were the only thing standing in the way of him taking Federer’s major haul record.

The script could not have been written better for tournament organisers who are expecting unprecedented crowds and viewing audiences for the match. The two juggernauts of the sport battling head-head in the final of the Aussie Open.