How This Skier Managed To Sneak Into The Olympics With A Truly Average Attempt

A skier who went through the motions of the women’s halfpipe at this year’s Winter Olympics has stood out for reasons other than her skills.  American Elizabeth Swaney went via Hungary to secure a spot at the games. After being described as “thoroughly average”, she managed to use the Olympics’ quota to sneak her way in. 

By also cracking top 30 at a World Cup event, with the majority of those events featuring less than 30 competitors, it allowed her to secure a spot for the games. Her grandparent’s heritage then allowed her to use the Hungarian team, avoiding the more competitive U.S. side.

The result of this process is one of the most bland runs we’ve ever seen, with nothing fancy occurring at all. Check it out here at 5:10 and inspire yourself.