The 5 Best CrossFit Gyms In Sydney
— 19 October 2018

The 5 Best CrossFit Gyms In Sydney

— 19 October 2018
Madelyn May
Madelyn May

CrossFit: constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Basically, a workout that will push you to your limits but assuredly get results. 

Founded in 2000 by Greg Glassman, CrossFit and has continued to rise in popularity ever since. Now, with multiple locations scattered throughout Sydney, you have more than enough choices about where you want to go to get whipped into shape. But not all gyms are created equal. Here are our picks for the 5 best CrossFit gyms in Sydney.

CrossFit Athletic

Where: CBD

This one is for the CBD hustlers, most of whom spend their days chained to a desk and need the jolt of exercise offered by a CrossFit session. Located right on Clarence Street, CrossFit Athletic offers qualified trainers, a social atmosphere, and multiple session options offered before, after, or during work hours. ‘Base’ is the lowest level class, a balanced approach to creating a healthier version of you. ‘Climb’ is a course for the athletic person looking to be challenged and ‘Peak’ is for hardened athletes perhaps looking to compete in CrossFit competitions. CrossFit Athletic offers three, six and 12-month memberships. All new members receive a free 60-minute consultation to help find the right program for their fitness level.

Crossfit Sydney

Where: Alexandria

Run out of a warehouse in Alexandria, the team at CrossFit Sydney has garnered quite a reputation for keeping people strong. They offer two complimentary trial classes for those wanting to check out the studio and its services before committing. For the newbies, your first three courses will be one-on-one, the first two of which are free. The membership costs $55 per week and offers unlimited classes, special training sessions and coaching consultations. A general CrossFit session includes a warm-up, mobility sequence, focused Workout of the Day (WOD), specific core work, and stretch sequence/soft tissue work. 

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CrossFit Ignite Sydney

Where: Waterloo

“Not a normal CrossFit Gym” – say CrossFit Ignite themselves. Conveniently located in the up and coming Waterloo neighbourhood, Ignite say they’re a studio passionate about improving one’s overall health and wellbeing. Programs are tailored to the individual and free introductory sessions are available. The qualified trainers are also trained in nutrition and can offer great advice on things you can do in the kitchen to influence your performance everywhere else. The unlimited weekly rate is $99 and your personalised CrossFit program will be matched to your specific goals and needs. This is one of the best studios in Sydney for those wanting to embrace the entire philosophy – nutritionally and in exercise – of the CrossFit brand.

CrossFit Bondi

Where: Bondi

CrossFit Bondi is a performance facility in the heart of Bondi Junction – a handy location for those travelling to or from work. A relatively small gym with state-of-the-art equipment, hands-on coaching, and great programming and community that makes up for what it may lack in size. CrossFit Bondi offers a free introductory course to allow potential new members to test it out. All new members work through a four-week starter program designed to teach the fundamentals of CrossFit. Unlimited training options are available weekly ($74), fortnightly ($148) or per calendar month ($321) and casual visits cost $30 per session. 

CrossFit Parramatta

Where: Parramatta

Following the military, martial art and professional athletic interest in CrossFit training, CrossFit Parramatta delivers a universal fitness program that can be scaled to different levels of fitness and needs. The Parramatta program is designed to give you maximum results in shorter time duration, with some workouts only lasting for about 15-20 minutes. Personal training is also available, and for beginners, there is a starter package at $295 for one month’s membership and special training. There is additionally one to 12-month unlimited memberships available, as well as drop-in classes for $25.

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