Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Workout Is Here For The Superhero Wannabe

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Workout Is Here For The Superhero Wannabe

It’s not too late to get that summer rig you’ve been chasing thanks to Aussie heartthrob Chris Hemsworth. The ‘Thor’ actor and all-around good Aussie bloke is readying the release of his personal fitness app, Centr, providing the average joe with access to the same group of health and wellness experts that helped Hemsworth get so ripped.

“The whole thing [developing Centr] was about not becoming stagnant,” Hemsworth told Men’s Health. “That’s when your emotional and physical problems occur, I think. I wanted to create something that embodied the three main elements of healthy living – the movement, the nutrition, and the mindfulness – and present it in a way that’s entertaining, functional, and also accessible.”

Two years in the making, Centr was developed by Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky, with the goal of helping everyday people achieve their best self through fitness, diet and mental stimulation. The app allows you to curate a range of daily workouts (coached or self-guided), set personal fitness goals, create meal plans, learn recipes from top-shelf chefs and follow meditation guides, with the knowledge provided coming from a range of experts in their chosen field.

Along with Hemsworth and his wife, the list of those involved in Centr is super impressive, with the likes of Hemsworth’s personal trainer Luke Zocchi, Special Ops trainer Joseph Sakoda AKA “Da Rulk”, boxing and MMA coach Jorge “The Spaniard” Blanco, Hollywood trainer Gunnar Peterson, Plant Proof podcast founder Simon Hill, Michelin trained chef Sergio Perera, vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington and yoga instructor Tahl Rinsky all lending their experience to the app. 

There are three price points available for the app, with $20 getting you a one-month subscription, $47.99 three months and $119.99 an entire year. If you sign up now and become a founding member you’ll receive a 20 percent discount off all ongoing Centr subscriptions.

Sign up here and get ready to transform your body into one that would make even Thor jealous. 

Via Men’s Health

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