Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren Salary Revealed

Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren Salary Revealed

Australia’s Formula 1 golden boy Daniel Ricciardo will reportedly take a sizeable salary cut following the announcement of his left-field move from Renault to McLaren for the 2021 season.

Veteran French Formula 1 journalist Marc Limacher broke the news that the 30-year-old would be starting on the grid next year with a base salary of €10 million – significantly less than the €25 million he was earning for the 2020 season at Renault.

Despite being tipped by many to become Sebastian Vettel’s replacement after his shock exit from Scuderia Ferrari, Ricciardo eventually found himself a seat at McLaren after Maranello opted for a younger driver line-up, pairing Charles Leclerc with Spaniard Carlos Sainz.

Ricciardo’s two-year contract with Renault saw him as one of the highest-paid drivers in the sport raking in over AU$40 million a year, third only to Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel respectively.

It was a rough and rather stagnant two years at Renault for Ricciardo, who hasn’t even had a chance to get into a car this season following the FIA’s decision to halt the race calendar due to coronavirus.

The €15 million starting salary pay cut for Daniel Ricciardo’s all isn’t bad news, however. Limacher expanded on the contract details, among which there’s a condition Daniel has been chasing for a long time.

  • Ricciardo will be Mclaren’s preferred driver
  • Two-year contract with an option for a one-year extension through to 2023
  • Bonus opportunities ranging from €400,000 every time he collects championship points to €1 million for a Grand Prix victory.

Regardless of Daniel Riccardo’s salary, the Perth native will likely enjoy a more competitive couple of years at McLaren, especially given the team’s transition to a Mercedes power unit in 2021. Ricciardo will be driving alongside 20-year-old British prodigy Lando Norris.

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