10 Bloody Brilliant One-Liners That Prove Daniel Ricciardo Is The Best Bloke On The Grid

Daniel Ricciardo is many things, but one thing’s for certain is that he’s the best bloke on the grid. Behind his beaming smile, you best believe Ricciardo has quips and banter loaded up, ready to go. In no particular order, we’ve sourced some bloody brilliant one-liners and Daniel Ricciardo quotes from over the years.

Check them out.

1. Dan on careers

Aside from the money, glamour, travel, and adrenaline, why did you want to be a racing driver?

“Uhhh, exactly those things.”

2. Dan on highs and lows

“Sport does that, it’s up and down and it does kick you in the nuts sometimes I guess, or you feel like it does; or if you are female it kicks you in… whatever it is.”

3. Dan on failure

“When I saw Max out there I thought, ‘aw, hell, ma boy’s done it again!'” – spoken in his best Texan accent, reflecting on Max Verstappen’s DNF at the 2016 US GP.

4. Dan on taking chances

“Sometimes you’ve gotta just lick the stamp and send it.”

5. Dan getting existential

“I’m kind of not sure if my name is Daniel, David, Darren, I don’t really know anything anymore – like Zoolander, where he looks into the puddle, ‘Who am I?’ Is it the puddle?’ Yeah. Anyway. What did you ask me?”

6. Dan on culture

“Top o’ the mornin’ to you Graham… Oh, you’re Scottish! I’ve wanted you to ask me a question all weekend. I was waiting to say that and I blew it. Viva Scotland!”

7. Dan on hurdles

What do you have to do to get a break?

“Have a Kit-Kat.”

8. Dan on shoey science

“If the Champagne is cold, then it tastes good. Normally on the podium, it’s cold so you don’t get all the flavours but if it’s warm, then you get the sweat and all that through it… the cold taste kills the bad stuff.”

9. Dan on Netflix

“Netflix are a real bunch of cunts, aren’t they?”

10. Dan on Max

“I wish I had Max’s hair. Not his pubic hair though.”