F1 Esports Racer Cem Bolukbasi Offered Formula 2 Seat For Upcoming Season

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F1 Esports Series racer Cem Bolukbasi will do what no gamer before him has ever done – nab an actual Formula seat in a real-life Formula car for a full season of Formula racing.

In 2022, the 23-year-old will race in the FIA Formula 2 Championship with Charouz Racing System. He’ll become both the first racer from his country and from the world of sim racing to do so.

Bolukbasi kicked off his career during the 2017 and 2018 Esports series, eventually trading the simulator for reality with two seasons of back to back GT4 racing. He even secured himself a couple of Pro-Am wins which gave him a leg up into single-seater Asian Championship racing the year after.

The Formula dream started to become a reality late last year when he made his F2 test debut (pictured) at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix driving a Van Amersfoort Racing-run car.

“It was a big dream that has actually happened, so it’s quite difficult to put into words, but it’s very exciting and I’m very happy,” the Turkish driver said, according to Formula 1.com.

“I watched the F1 finale, testing, and then a day later I was driving the F2 car. I was like a kid living a dream over those five or six days.”

“If I was never in F1 Esports, I would never have had the chance to get into a real car – I would not be where I am now,” he said. “I think it’s also very important to be the first gamer to do this, because it can give people hope. If people see that one person can do it, they will believe they can do it as well… If I can go from F1 Esports to FIA Formula 2, I think anyone can.”

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