Some Absolute Hero Sent It On The Highway With A “Formula 1” Car
— Updated on 16 August 2022

Some Absolute Hero Sent It On The Highway With A “Formula 1” Car

— Updated on 16 August 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

While Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has recently alluded to expanding the annual race calendar, the proposal alone clearly isn’t good enough for some. That’s probably why one anonymous driver has taken matters into their own hands by throttling a Formula 1-style open-wheeler down the Czech Republic’s D4 highway.

Featuring a classic livery modelled after Scuderia Ferrari’s F2004, which was piloted by the legendary Michael Schumacher back in ’04, the whip in question was spotted on the stretch of road between Příbram and Písek. Marlboro, Acer, Vodafone sponsorship logos, and all.

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Multiple headlines – including ours – have framed this entire story as F1 machinery spotted in the wild. Sources indicate we’re actually looking at a GP2 racer. For context, the GP2 Series was an open-wheel motorsport competition introduced in 2005 after the discontinuation of Formula 3000 (a long-term Formula 1 feeder series).

Obviously, this shit is far from road legal. In fact, it carries a fine amounting to tens of thousands as well as a one-year ban from using the thoroughfare. But as we mentioned earlier, the suspect/hero has yet to be identified — despite the fact that local authorities had supposedly apprehended the guilty party years ago.

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According to, Czech police had previously tracked down a 45-year-old man after the same Formula 1 tribute car appeared on the same highway – this time between Příbram and Dobříš – circa September 2018. Given the bloke had the good sense to wear a helmet, however, he was able to deny all charges, thereby avoiding the hefty fine and year-long ban.

“We can immediately [suspend the criminal proceedings], because no one stopped the vehicle in question,” said Tomáš Blecha, CEO of Drivers’ Protection Law (which represented the ungovernable GP2 bandit).

“So it cannot be said unequivocally that it was really illegal.”

Wonder how this bad boy will fare against the Czech police’s confiscated Ferrari 458 Italia turned patrol car?

Check out the “Formula 1” car going head-to-head with a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and a Bugatti Chiron on the Czech Republic’s D4 highway below.

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