Bloke Mounts Senna’s Lotus To 22nd Floor Apartment Ceiling

A few days ago we posted a snap of Nelson Piquet’s old F1 car mounted to his living room wall. Nothing quite says “I’m a three-time world champion” like such a display.

In response, one of you guys (Scott Beutel, thanks mate) brought our attention to one die-hard Ayrton Senna fan, who has mounted a replica of the Brazilian legend’s Lotus to his 22nd-floor apartment ceiling.

The Sao Paulo businessman acquired the Lotus 97T from Adhemar Cabral who built the replica, admitting that it was “easier than first thought” to get the vehicle into its dramatic position, as reported by

The car, which weighs in at around 200kgs (a third of the real thing), took three hours to get winched up to the high rise pad, not before a team of ten guys lifted it to the ceiling to get mounted.

Check out the operation below, and then have a read of some bloody brilliant one-liners that prove Daniel Ricciardo is the best bloke on the grid.