The Most Successful Nations In Formula 1 History

The Most Successful Nations In Formula 1 History

You don’t have to be an F1 diehard to know that a handful of nations have dominated the championship since its inaugural season in 1950. 

Interestingly however, a number of countries you that may have slipped your mind, like the USA through Mario Andretti, achieved considerable success in the sport throughout the period. Argentina saw early success from Juan Manuel Fangio but stalled after Carlos Reutemann retired in 1982, scoring just 14 points since. 

This video from Racing Statistics shows the points collected each year by all drivers grouped by country of origin, based on the 2019 25 point system + fastest lap. It’s a fascinating watch, spotting the eras specific drivers like Senna and Piquet and Schumacher and Vettel dominated the sport.

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Feature Image: AFP/Getty Images