Kevin De Bruyne Used Data Analysts To Negotiate $148 Million Contract With Manchester City
— 15 April 2021

Kevin De Bruyne Used Data Analysts To Negotiate $148 Million Contract With Manchester City

— 15 April 2021
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

29-year-old king of the midfielders – Kevin De Bruyne – has leveraged the full power of data analytics to negotiate a new four-year contract with Manchester City reportedly valued at £83 million (AU$148 million).

Moving away from the traditional method of brokering a deal through an agent, De Bruyne proved how crucial he is to Pep Guardiola’s side with nothing more than statistics, courtesy of Analytics FC; as well as some dial-in assistance from both his father and his lawyer who assisted remotely from Belgium. As a result, not only was he able to secure a two-year contract extension, but also redefine the terms of the remaining two years in his existing contract.

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It’s a classic example of a player knowing his worth, illustrating it, and spring boarding value into a massive win. Kevin De Bruyne used the commissioned data analysts to assess his influence at Manchester City, how he’s projected to play in the near-distant future, as well as predict success over the coming years based on the individual age and qualities of the current squad. From there, all it took was a direct comparison of his salary weighed against other top-level attacking midfielders to nudge the moneymen towards the right direction.

De Bruyne was earning £350,000 (AU$624,913) per week, but according to Football24, that figure is understood to have risen to £400,000 (AU$714,410). Well deserved for the kind of numbers he’s put on the board in recent times: 65 goals and 101 assists across 255 games.

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“I could not be happier,” says De Bruyne.

“Since joining City in 2015, I have felt at home. I love the fans, my family are settled here in Manchester and my own game has developed really well.”

“I’m playing the best football of my career and I honestly feel there is more to come. Our results and performances so far have been excellent, but we need to make sure we end the season with the silverware we deserve.”

The unprecedented move certainly gives credence to something Germany team manager Oliver Bierhoff said a few years ago, as reported by Training Ground:

“Professional soccer players are a kind of independent entrepreneur and have to think about the path they’re taking, even during their active career.”

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