The LA Rams’ Super Bowl LVI Rings Are Pure Hollywood Extravagance
— 9 September 2022

The LA Rams’ Super Bowl LVI Rings Are Pure Hollywood Extravagance

— 9 September 2022

Producing a set of diamond rings to commemorate your annual sporting champions is such an aggressively American tradition. Here in Australia – or pretty much anywhere else in the world, for that matter – it might seem a little ridiculous to spend that much money on a garish piece of jewellery for your athletes. You gotta love it, though. We’re all partial to a bit of opulence and, in the case of the LA Rams Super Bowl LVI rings, a lot can be said about the craftsmanship that goes into one of these bad boys.

As the Rams kick off their quest to “run it back” with today’s game against the Buffalo Bills (the favourites to win this year), we’re taking the opportunity to admire some stellar jewellery from the man who has become practically synonymous with designing championship rings.

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“Most people don’t understand how immersed we become in the design process. We are passionate about understanding the team, the season, and the city,” said Jason Arasheben, Founder & CEO at Jason of Beverly Hills.

“We spent an entire day at SoFi Stadium. The first thing I said was, ‘What can you get me from the game? The field? Ball? What else?’ I didn’t just want it to be historical in design, but have physical elements from the event as well.”

As you will see, he definitely delivered on that promise.

Top of the Ring

On the face of the ring, there’s an allusion to the city of Los Angeles which is pretty hard to miss. Two palm trees on either side of the Vince Lombardi Trophy consisting of .26 carats of diamonds to celebrate the franchise’s 26 total wins in postseason history.

The trophy in between them is comprised of marquis stone, with the trophy base alone containing .12 carats of round diamonds to signify their 12 regular season wins. The Rams “LA” logo beneath it features its own special cut blue and yellow sapphires.

All up, the top of the ring contains 1.12 carats of round diamonds to represent January 12th. This is a homage to:

  • January 12, 2016: When the Rams were approved to move back to Los Angeles
  • January 12, 2017: When the Rams hired Head Coach Sean McVay
  • January 12, 2019: When the Rams won their first playoff game after returning to Los Angeles

While that might seem excessive, keep in mind that the Super Bowl LVI rings each have approximately 20 carats of white diamonds set in white and yellow gold. The team are very proud of their ring’s status as “the most carat weight in history for a championship ring.”

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Inside the Removable Top

This is perhaps the coolest part of all. While Jason of Beverly Hills has utilised a removable top in their last couple of championship rings, this one definitely takes the cake.

SoFi Stadium is the very new, very expensive home ground of the LA Rams with its own unique design features. Aside from this significance, the LA Rams became the second team ever (and second team in a row) to win a Super Bowl at home.

With that in mind, you’ll notice that the ring contains a miniature replica of the team’s home stadium with a field made up of a trademark green material that consists of remnants of the actual turf that the 2020 and 2021 seasons (including Super Bowl LVI) were played on. Complete with turf, LED board, stadium seating, and sidelines of both teams, Rams players can just open their ring and remember it like it was yesterday.

Additionally, the underside of the top is designed to look like SoFi Stadium’s translucent ETFE roof. If the orangey-brown texture that surrounds it looks a little bit weird and out of place, that’s because each of the rings is fitted with its own piece of the Super Bowl LVI game ball.

Player Side of Band

Due to his iconic “ring me” celebration throughout the playoffs, as well as cementing his status as the greatest defender in the history of the game, we chose to feature Aaron Donald’s ring above.

All players, however, have their names and numbers individualised on this side of the ring adorned in diamonds. The name is featured on a plate that is supposed to mimic the shape of SoFi stadium’s “Infinity Screen” with the team’s moniker “WE NOT ME” emblazoned at the bottom.

The two stars on either side of the player’s number are said to pay homage to both the franchise’s two Super Bowl Championships, as well as Los Angeles being known as the “City of Stars.”

From either side of the ring, you will notice that the columns that hold up SoFi Stadium’s iconic canopy roof are represented between the top and body of the ring. This design allows the player a sightline into the stadium bowl featured within the ring. .23 carats of diamonds on the columns represent the 23 points scored by the Rams in Super Bowl LVI.

Team Side of Band

On the other side of the ring, we can see the Super Bowl LVI final score 23-20, as well as the NFL Shield and Super Bowl LVI logo. The words “WORLD CHAMPIONS” are featured on a plate that, like the player’s name on the other side, mimics the shape of the Infinity Screen.

On either side of the plate, both sides of the ring contain two stones (totalling four stones) which are said to represent the four teams the Rams beat in the 2021 Postseason to win Super Bowl LVI.

After retaining most of their players from last year’s campaign, the Rams are among the favourites to win the Super Bowl again this year. The real question going into this season, however, is how on earth is Jason of Beverly Hills going to outdo himself again?

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