Keen business talent and occasional B-ball player, LeBron James, received a 2% stake of Liverpool FC worth $6.5 million USD back in 2011. And it's definitely paying off, in the way of a current $32 million USD stake value. Not bad for an off-court endeavour, I'd say.

It goes without saying that Liverpool FC itself has grown more than a bit in the past seven years. The club was initially bought during the eventful year of '11 by James' marketing firm, LRMR, and Fenway Sports Partners. This obviously wasn't Fenway Sports Partner's first club purchase, being owned by Boston Red Sox owner, John Henry, and chairman, Tom Werner.

Liverpool FC was snagged for a "bargain" of $477 million USD. And yes, I know how "bargain" looks in this context. But considering the football club is now somewhere between $1.49-$1.6 billion USD in total value according to Forbes and a collection of sports investment banks, "bargain" is pretty appropriate.

So, what exactly has stoked this financial glow-up of Marvel-esque proportions? For one, Liverpool FC has seen a recent "... return to prominence...", having made the Champions League finals for the first time since 2007. And it doesn't hurt to be sitting at third place of the Premier League table as we speak (write/read). But it would be remiss to overlook the entire English Premier League signing an mammoth-sized TV deal back in 2015.

Regardless, Benjamins are a-raining down across the world of sports and televised sporting events. Best of luck figuring out how you can get in on the action.