McLaren Racing Is Joining The Formula E Grid Next Season

McLaren Racing Formula E

British racing fans will be delighted to hear McLaren is entering Formula E this upcoming 22/23 season (the ninth season the competition has run). The news was announced following the automaker’s intended purchase of the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team, which McLaren will now take over.

The acquisition of the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team in a deal to be completed in the coming months is a strong move for McLaren following Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team’s championship-winning performance during the 20/21 season. The current Formula E season will run through to the middle of August when McLaren is set to take the reins.

The addition of Formula E to McLaren’s racing calendar sees it alongside the manufacturer’s participation in Formula 1, Extreme E, IndyCar, and esports. McLaren quietly stated its intentions to join the Formula E grid earlier this year in January after signing an option to participate in the competition pending an evaluation period.

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Clearly, the evaluation was a positive one, as not only has McLaren Racing decided to enter Formula E through a takeover, but they will also be keeping Ian James in charge of the team, who is the current leader of the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team. James was understandably enthusiastic about the newly announced team ownership.

“Becoming part of the McLaren Racing family is a privilege: McLaren has always been synonymous with success and high-performance,” says Ian James.

“This is a great moment for all parties involved but, above all, for the people that make up this team. They are what keeps its heart beating. Being able to continue working with them is what I am most excited about.”

Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren Racing, was also excited about the announcement, stating: “As with all forms of the sport we participate in, Formula E has racing at the centre but will be strategically, commercially and technically additive to McLaren Racing overall.”

“I firmly believe that Formula E will give McLaren Racing a competitive advantage through greater understanding of EV racing, while providing a point of difference to our fans, partners and people, and continuing to drive us along our sustainability pathway.”